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True Blood – 3×05 -Trouble Promo HD

True Blood – 3×05 -Trouble Promo HD All right reserved by HBO. HBO owns everything.

True Blood Season 5: Clip Tease

True Blood Season 5 Trailer =’s my announcement to the world – # FALSEBLOOD is coming back this summer! It’s on again! See all 11 episodes on my channel in the mean time! They range from season 2 – 4 currently… Enjoy! … Many already have! #FALSEBLOOD #TrueBlood Tweet that ish’ GO VIRAL! POST THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK / [...]

True blood Season 5 promo #2 fanmade

This is another True blood season 5 fanmade trailer no copyright intended I do not own anything Hope you like it music heard in this video is “unstoppable” by pfeifer broz NB ( it’s fanmade trailer) please subscribe, I’ll make more videos! if u like this one I am aware that this is season 4 [...]

True Blood Season 2 Episode 7 “Release Me” part 1/5 True Blood Season 2 Episode 7 “Release Me” Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton Chris Bauer as Detective Andy Bellefleur Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds William Sanderson as Sheriff Bud Dearborne Jim Parrack as Hoyt [...]

True Blood: Sookie and Eric FULL KISS/MAKE OUT SCENE edited together (episode 5 & 6 season 4)

Instead of watching those 2 videos over and over again to get this effect, I figured it was a nice idea to just paste them together :p Enjoy! I OWN NOTHING! ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO HBO! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.