Eric Remembers His Past & Godric (True Blood) (2 x 05 – Never Let Me Go)

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25 responses to “Eric Remembers His Past & Godric (True Blood) (2 x 05 – Never Let Me Go)”

  1. Zem3t

    okey, i just have to say it. Eric speaks swedish and so does Godric.. the only thing is that godric is danish (in real life) so he has a accent when he tries to speak swedish. :) as a swede i could hear that he did not have any kind of known swedish dialect. ^^

  2. princessemmy115

    the reason why alex Skarsgård is so good at speaking swedish is because he is swedish. no der .!

  3. Wowbagger86

    The funny thing is that norwegians are so used to that every TV show we see from Sweeden is of Astrid Lindren’s stories, so I just can’t help thinking about “the brothers Lionheart” in this scene… I was halfly exspecting a comment like “Du åker til Nangilima nu” ;)

  4. Wowbagger86

    Only thing I found weird is that in those ages the whole Scandinavia, including Iceland, spoke old norse :) But Sweedish is a really atmospheric and beatiful language so that doesn’t matter. Also it’s fun to look for mistakes in the subs ;)

  5. mssookie1

    allan hyde who plays Godric is DANISH in real life.

  6. mssookie1

    in the movie?….I don’t know.

  7. mieroth

    Some things could have been translated better though:
    Friend: Feel no fear.
    Eric: I feel no fear. I feel wrath (anger).

    And Eric should have said Slay me instead of Kill me.

    The Swedish uses old-fashioned words for a reason and it’s a pity that this is lost in translation.

  8. beegee45

    Godric is a Roman character so it’s ok that his accent isn’t a Swedish one.

  9. beegee45

    Wrath is the wrong word. That means the consequnce of anger.

  10. mieroth

    What? Wrath means anger, not the “consequence of anger” whatever that means. :/ Explain please. Vrede would be translated to wrath. It’s a direct translation. Maybe the meaning in English has deviated from what it originally meant?

  11. Wowbagger86

    it’s true, the subs are doing a few pretty big bloopers.

  12. beegee45

    God’s wrath; the wrath of Achilles. Wrath is an emotion invoked from having being angered by something. I can see why you would see them as the same, but they are not.

  13. fairyravevampire

    first time i saw Godric i was like OMG it’s a hobbit (sorry if my spelling sucks)

  14. Dinkin12

    Godric looks mayan or something to me..I figured over the last 1000 years he had probably learned a few languages.

  15. xcstacy2

    Godric was the best thing in all of season 2 of true blood.

  16. SoldierThunderbird2

    i got to say Godric was the best in all of season 2..

  17. Jayuumm

    Godric is awesome!!

  18. enigma19833

    wotz wit all this foren langwage shit??? i watch tru blud cos itz proper american tv but now itz got them shitty sub titles that i don wana read!

    how gay

  19. wowHackMan1

    Godric is ancient roman, thats why he has those wierd tatoos

  20. targetfinder

    urgh. what’s wrong with u? eric’s viking, so the flashbacks will obviously be more authentic in his mother tongue. = =

  21. luddeking1

    Well, DUH! He’s Swedish and a viking, so it’s quite naturall that he doesn’t speak English, hell, i don’t even know if English was a language when Eric was a viking.

  22. moirahawt

    Godric IS awesome… ancient FERAL!

    Eric is a viking… Godric looks to be an ancient celt… not just the tattoos on his arms and collar… see the one on his back… you cant see it so clearly.. but its definitely old knotwork animal totemic … so the only criticism Id have would be his name… godric… is anglo saxon… son of god

  23. ufomulle

    Å du ljuva frihet,..
    Eric has spoken some swedish here and there in this serie :)
    Alexander Skarsgård är SNyygg ! :)

  24. alexilaihofannr1

    It must be truly frustrating to someone like you.
    I mean, you don’t even speak your own language properly.

  25. buyaskittle

    well you’re just…kinda lazy, aren’t you?

    btw: foreign, language, true, blood, subtitles.
    If you’re going to criticize one language, make sure you know your own first.