Game of Thrones Season 5: Episode #2 Recap (HBO)

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14 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 5: Episode #2 Recap (HBO)”

  1. GameofThrones
  2. Mr. Horseshoe

    Can’t wait to see the Lady with a Heart of Stone. 

  3. Tia Johnson


  4. Jon Snow/Stark

    MAY 10TH …

  5. IlikeTRAINS55

    Fucking crate

  6. Bradley Beckett

    There been two episodes in the the third today and this series is so hype,
    I just can’t wait , I want see all the episodes in one go! 

  7. ForklifterMatt

    I really love how Brienne’s and Podrick’s relationship is growing into an
    actual friendship!

  8. AlphaQSilly

    That smirking WHORE!

  9. Pierin24

    No Dany and more Stannis and Jon.. and Baelish and Lord Bolton… YEY!!

    I never thought I would say this; Thank you, D&D.

  10. Sergio Botero

    I want to see Cersei’s walk…

  11. Antti Palosaari

    What? No mixtape jokes yet? I hope it’s getting old.

  12. Get Huge

    Inb4 Snoop Dogg is Lady Stoneheart.

  13. Nori Ezio

    Damn Margery says “Perhaps” 1:13 so sexy!!!

  14. JGuilherme

    Who needs wealth when you can make a woman laugh.