True Blood-S03E08-Eric/Talbot sexy gay scene

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12 responses to “True Blood-S03E08-Eric/Talbot sexy gay scene”

  1. Marllon

    Hot as fuck. Both of them are ridiculously good-looking. Yum.

  2. SarahTheBloody

    Finally a show that dares a little with m/m sex! And yes, very hot! Too bad he had to kill Talbot though :)

  3. TwilightEpisodes

    I can’t believe Eric killed Talbot! :O I think I shouldn’t have watched this before watching the entire episode 8 LOL

  4. EpicOfDay

    I love this bit because it’s a very stark demonstration of Eric’s brutal ruthlessness. You almost feel sorry for Russel!

  5. StickyKeys

    TALBOT!!!! But also, schwexy. Mmm, now we need some Lafayette/Hayzeus!

  6. purplecrEditcarD

    i was screaming when they showed this..then again right before he kills talbot then the ending scene of sookie and bill..YUCK..but it was niiiiiiiiiceeee..and the song HEAD awesomes

  7. Karen072290

    i loved this scene, until the end :( R.I.P Talbot!. A skars and Eric’s character just got bumped up on the scale of awsomeness , being secure enough to do this scene! luv luv luv :D !! im gonna miss talbot though. <3 Talbot <3

  8. alessandrorodrigues3

    Dêem uma olhada no nova música da dupla Anderson & Eddy – Eu to sofrendo…
    Confira o vídeo: /watch?v=i4iOG4eZpjc

  9. Arantome4ever

    he had to fuck him first and then kill him haha

  10. mykys5


  11. mandieb99

    Wow. So fucking hot!

  12. EoVulnero

    spare us!